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Malayali best cab aggregator PIU to Take on Ola Uber in next few years. With Multi National Companies like Ola and Uber charging a very high commissions now a days and also treating drivers unfairly too. Now a Days there is a technology startup which is named as Mindmaster Technologies Pvt Ltd (MMT) has taken the matters in its own hands. The company has already launched the GPS-enabled online taxi service app PIU Cab, which will be active in urban as well as rural areas too. Aiming to give tough competition to Ola and Uber services will begin there operation in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kannur, Kollam and Malappuram. 

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Malayali best cab aggregator PIU to Take on Ola Uber

Malayali best cab aggregator PIU
PIU Cab Services

Ashok George Jacob and K G Sivadasan Nair is the co-founder of Mindmaster Technologies Pvt Ltd (MMT) which is PIU App. According to Ashok George Jacob, who is the co-founder as well as managing director of Mindmaster Technologies private limited, the new ride-sharing PIU app is cheaper than OLA, UBER as well as any other companies too. Malayali best cab aggregator PIU Cab cofounder Ashok George Jacob given a Statement that:

” At present, all the Companies who are operating the cab services have a Commission cut of 26 percent (%) commission from the driver. But, PIU Cab charges only 2.3 percent (%) which is much below what other company charge now a days. PIU platform is benefited for both drivers as well as users too. But there is a nominal subscription fee yearly. “

Currently now a days, cab aggregates like Ola and Uber levy a commission of 20 to 26 percent (%) per ride from the drivers. But Under the PIU platform, the drivers will be charged an amount of INR 19,200 per year, compared to them with around 2.5 lakh driver have to give them on an average per year. Malayali best cab aggregator PIU Services is most growing Startup now a days.

Malayali best cab aggregator PIU

According to Mindmaster Technologies Private Limited, several taxi, cabs and auto rickshaw drivers have started registering with the PIU Cab company as vendors. According to Ashok George Jacob there co-founder has given an another Statement that:

“Within hours after we have started the registration on PIU cab aggregator app, around 200 or above drivers joined our PIU Cab app instantly. Most of the Drivers are worried now a days about the income they are getting from OLA and UBER companies. Because the driver has to pay INR 780 to the service provider if he gets Rs 3,000 a day as an average income. If it will be calculated then it will round up to INR 2,34,000 a year.

Besides that also the driver has to spend for fuel, monthly EMI of the car, maintenance of the car and other many hidden expenses. In short if we will see, the driver’s take to there home income is only 21 percent (%) of the total money he earns daily. Whereas for the PIU apps drivers, it is at present 46 percent (%),” Ashok George Jacob added. 

The companies like Ola and Uber charging heavy commissions to the Driver and for this reason pressure comes on the drivers through various incentives plan too. The drivers are often forced to work overtime to achieve targets since they stop getting rides whenever they reach close to completing their targets also. Malayali best cab aggregator PIU Services have more offers for Driver as well as Customers too.

It also makes it difficult for a drivers that they are blocked because of petty complaints from the customers side which can be false also and the Driver is not informed of the reason why they have been blocked for. But PIU Cab is totally different from these OLA and UBER apps as they informed us.

PIU cabs

Meanwhile, the Mindmaster Technologies private limited (MMT) officials also said to us that the app is designed in such a way that it gives benefited to the riders too. When we asked them how? They have given a Statement on behaves of that too:

“When a customer download the PIU Cab Apps and refers the PIU app to five (5) persons and prompts them to take only one ride with PIU then they will become a Golden Customer for the Company. With this they will be eligible to get the Ride Profit Share too and this will provide the customer to completes at least four rides himself every month,” officials said. 

The Mindmaster Technologies private limited (MMT) officials of PIU apps also said that the new initiative will help to generate 800 direct employment opportunities within the first six months of the operation. This is a very good news for the Malayali best cab aggregator PIU Company too as a new Startups.

Malayali best cab aggregator PIU

The Mindmaster Technologies private limited (MMT) Co-Founder also said that “PIU apps believes in People Planet Profit (PPP) and follows Fair Fare Policy (FFP). Wherein all the stakeholders involved are benefited equally and that will helps to reduce the burden on the environment”.

Apart from that Wallet Facility is also been provided to the Customers of PIU apps. By which Recharge can be used in the Wallet and other Offers also are available too. Now PIU app is Launched in Ernakulam, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kannur, Kollam and Malappuram. But latter on the PIU Cab Services will be Launched in ten (10) other States including Maharashtra too as Stated by Malayali best cab aggregator PIU Officials.

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