Panasonic Launched Two Variants Tracker : Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop 5/5 (2)


Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker will be available in two variants, Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop.Panasonic keep a track of all your valuables always. Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker comes with cutting Edge Bluetooth Technology, for best in class battery usage & stable connection. With Customer Centric features like voice alerts on Separation, forgeting your things will become virtually impossible. Tag your keys, your wallets, your camera or any other belonging to keep them safe, always. Use your phone to make Seekit Smart Traker buzz and glow to help you find your misplaced belonging. Find your phone by pressing the button on Seekit Smart Traker device.

Separation indicator will remind you when you are forgetting your belonging behind. Crowd GPS will help you track your valuables even when you are far away. Compatible with devices running Android 6 and above & iOS 9 and above.Please be advised that Panasonic Seekit Smart Traker’s connectivity and app are affected by a known Bluetooth issue with devices using Android 6.0.0 . Connectivity appears to be fixed in Android 6.0.1

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Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker


Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker features a Separation Indicator, Proximity Guidance, Last Seen Location, Bi-directional Tracking, and Voice Alerts with High Alert Mode for tracking; Low Alert Mode to avoid unnecessary alerts. Harnessing the power of Bluetooth(R) 5 for best in class Bluetooth(R) connectivity, and better battery utilization, lasting for about 12 – 18 months without a charge depending on the variant and usage.

Model NameSeekit Smart Tracker
Item Weight68 g
Product Dimensions4.1 x 3.2 x 0.5 cm
Batteries:1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
Item model numberIC-BCKR01BK
Included ComponentsBLE Beacon, Quick Start Guide, Keyring, Envelope
Battery Average Life8760 Hours
Batteries IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredYes
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Metal
Wireless TypeBluetooth
Connector TypeWireless

Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker will be available in two variants, Seekit Edge and Seekit Loop, and is priced at Rs 1599 and Rs 1299 respectively. 

Separation Indicator and Voice Alert


Never forget anything behind, ever! – Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker makes it virtually impossible for you to leave your belongings behind. Hear an alert on your smartphone as soon as your valuable disconnects. Customise the alert tones on your phone to your liking. Set the alert in your own voice using voice alerts – it’s especially useful when you have multiple Seekit Smart Tracker devices. If you’re forgetting your phone, the Seekit Smart Tracker will buzz and glow to indicate you need to go get it back.

Last Seen GPS Location


No need to retrace your steps – If you somehow missed the separation indicator, check where you left your valuables last on your smartphone application. Just open the Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker app and check the last seen location of your disconnected valuable.

Be part of the Seekit community if your valuable is stolen, then the Seekit community can help you trace it. Here’s how it works. As soon as someone from the community walks by the valuable, the updated location of your dear belonging will be communicated back to you. So help us create a world where your valuables are safe, always.

Battery Life 12 Months*


Don’t worry about charging your Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker. Just tag and secure your valuables. Bank on Cutting Edge Bluetooth Technology – for best in class battery usage and stable connection we have created one of the most advanced Bluetooth tracker.

Find Your Phone: Even if you do not own a Seekit Smart Tracker Device, you can still download the Seekit app to secure your phone.

Selfie Button for Quick Selfie: Everyone loves a selfie – The Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker Device comes with a selfie Button that lets you click fun and interesting selfies. Find the perfect angle for your favourite shot with Seekit Smart Tracker .

SOS Alert: Not just your valuables, it keeps you safe as well – If you sense a threat, you can send an SOS alert along with your GPS location to 3 of your near and dear ones, by just pressing the Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker button thrice. 

Share it with a Friend: Keep your belongings safe even when they are shared with someone. Just share your Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker Device, attached to your valuable, through the Seekit Smart Tracker app. You can also share your Seekit Smart Tracker with a friend who is close to where you left your valuable and they’ll find it for you easily.

Update and Upgrade: Stay up to date with latest app features with regular updates from Panasonic Company.

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