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Top Best Wedding Destination in Indian is no doubt that amongst the finest luxury wedding destinations in the world. And you would not bore if you with redundant lines on how the hospitality industry have worked it well with the beauty of India to create dream wedding venues.Well, that’s a fact. You know you are short listing the venues or resorts that match your Big Fat Indian Wedding fantasy and all you want to do is to learn about your options. So, let me quickly take you to the blog that you have put my sweat and blood in to.

Now we should break the blog first in to destinations and then shall provide appropriate information on the ideal wedding venues available in it. Hope it helps you big time, Let’s Go and Start our Article.

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Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Goa – Marital Bliss on Interesting Locations

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Goa has been popular since the dawn of destination weddings in India about 14 years back. Europeans and second generation Indians settled overseas would chose it more for holiday mixed up with wedding festivity. Laid back lifestyle, beaches and accessibility made it the top choice. The trend still continues but nowadays families with India would want to celebrate the wedding in Goa with close family members and friends. It gives them enough time to get together and have a good time.
Goa for everyone is holiday and fun mood and that’s how the weddings also turn up here. Lot of music, dance, party and celebration.

South Goa has most of 5 start beach Resorts suitable for destination weddings and it averages out to Rs. 40000 to Rs. 65000 per person for 2 days all inclusive budget.
This means for a gathering of 150 guests and 2 days affair the budget would range anywhere between Rs. 60 lakh to  1 crore

Goa is probably the trendiest and the most prevalent destination wedding in India because it can give one the chance of organizing diverse sort of weddings or ceremonies taking in the happening parties of the beaches and the quiet ceremonial rituals of the old churches. It’s one of the most unsurpassed choices for a wedding since it’s like a tropical ecstasy that can immerse everyone into its lure and aroma. So, this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Mussoorie – The Queen Of Hills

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Mussoorie is the place where Hill station post cards are made! Beautiful tree-covered hills looking down the Doon valley, the surreal view of the Himalayas at sunset, and clear skies giving you a brilliant display of twinkling stars of the milky way & the flickering lights in the valley. It has a wonderful romantic air to it. Long Pines, Canals, Beautiful Orchids, Waterfalls and beautiful architecture makes it a heaven for pre-wedding pictures.

The beautiful Sunsets also make sure that you get really awesome ceremony pictures for those early evening functions.It’s a great get-away in Summer months, especially for folks who stay in Metros without an access to a nearby Hill-station. The wedding can be a refreshing change & quite out of the box. Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Jaipur – The Pink City

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Jaipur offers a melange of heritage and exquisiteness and thus it is so popular for grandiose marriage celebrations which usually take place in authentic flamboyant palaces or erstwhile mansions. The ‘pink city’ showcases a complete variety of festive ideas and venue options that extend from palaces like the Raj and Rambagh Palace to Havelis or traditional settings in the Samode Palace built into the Aravali Ranges. This is a destination wedding in India with a touch of royalty where the ambience adds to the Indian wedding decorations.

Jaipur with its historical background and a perfect accessibility makes top choice in Rajasthan specially for the Indian families. Authentic Palaces, old Mansions and historical monuments could be used to host the Wedding festivities.
Imagine the class of a Royal Wedding tailored to fit mood of a Destination Weddings, its a great experience ! Colors, traditions, elephants, puppets, snake charmers, colourful Turbans, Palatial facades all come together to offer a wonderful wedding.

There are varied choices available from top notch Palace to a luxury Resort ranging from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh per person on an average for 2 days all inclusive festivities.So this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Udaipur – A Symbol of Royal

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

This beautiful place is admired by Indians and foreigners alike owing to the lakes and palaces that exist through the city’s expanse. The majestic palace buildings in Udaipur give it a sort of charisma that only a few cities can rival. They say, weddings in Udaipur seem like an extraordinary fairy-tale. One of the finest settings for a marriage ceremony is offered by the Jag Mandir palace or the Oberoi Udai Vilas enclosing a touch of splendor, affluence and royalty. It easily makes it one of the most popular destinations of weddings in India.Udaipur has the most upbeat and exclusive locations in India.

Clear blue skies, fairy-tale palaces, temples & gardens, narrow lanes strewn with stalls, and the glory of the Rajasthan state surrounded by the lush hills of Aravalis, mirror reflection of the beauty in Lake Pichhola – Making udaipur a fascinating blend of sight, sound & experiences. There is so much to do in Udaipur, and you will have the advantage of keeping the guests busy with Tours & Activities throughout the day.

Jagmandir Island Palace is known for the celebrity weddings and is one of its kind destination in the world. Situated in the middle of Lake Pichola it offers ones a life time experience. Guests are ferried by Boats and enjoy ultimate luxury and privacy.

Oberoi Udai Vilas has been awarded as best Hotel in world is also situated in Udaipur and could be taken up to host wedding, similarly The Leela in Udaipur is another retreat by the lake for a top class destination wedding. Udaipur is amongst the costliest destinations in the world and premium choices range from Rs. 75000 to Rs. 2 lakh person for 2 days all inclusive wedding affair.

There are less costlier Resorts and Hotels also as a choice if your idea is to have a Wedding in Udaipur but not necessarily at one of the Palaces.Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Kerala – Tie the knot Amidst Serenity

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Kerala is truly God’s own country. With backdrops that include gorgeous beaches, backwaters, coconut and palm trees and greenery grasslands, Kerala has something for everyone. Just like a variety in backdrops, Kerala is also home to a variety of cultures and religions. And these come to light when you decide to look into them, via their customs and traditions for one of the core threads to the society weddings.

Come to the country of natural harbors, lagoons and pristine beaches which is one of the exotic venues for your wedding. There are a variety of locations in Kerala from where you can choose your ideal location for wedding in Kerala. Kerala has world famous beaches and beach weddings in Kerala are quite popular. From the golden sands to the palm groves, the beaches of Kerala are beautiful and exotic. Choose your wedding venue from the innumerable beach resorts to houseboats and lakeside retreats in Kerala.

The golden sands and blue waters instills in you a sense of romance and magic that makes your much awaited occasion special and memorable. For wedding in Kerala the beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Somatheeram, and Shanghumukham are the ideal destinations for the tourists. Enjoy the setting rays of the sun as you exchange your vows for a lifelong journey filled with love and togetherness.

One can go for English Weddings or Indian style weddings. The traditional wedding in Kerala is accompanied by folk music performance, floral decor, and bridal bouquet and groom’s boutonniere.Traditional wedding in Kerala is an elaborate affair which goes on for more than a day. This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Andaman & Nicobar Island – Spectacular Love

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

What this Indian destination wedding brings about is the prospect of entering in a new realm, away from the mainland, in the midst of white sand beaches, possibly in an astonishing private resort. It’s no less than a coastal paradise residing in the Bay of Bengal comprising of idyllic beaches and lush green forests. The Havelock or the Ross Islands are one of the paramount islands of the Andaman for one’s perfect day. One of the most charming places to tie the knot. Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Jodhpur – Take a Plunge in a Regal Manner

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Jodhpur was the erstwhile capital of the princely state of Marwar. The second largest city in Rajasthan Jodhpur lies at the edge of the Thar Desert, and is cordoned off from the desert by a colossal wall, with eight gates facing different directions. A city boasting of a royal past, Jodhpur is resplendent with elegant heritage palaces, forts and temples, besides a stark, picturesque desert landscape. A popular tourist destination, Jodhpur is also one of the exotic wedding venues in India.

Wedding Tourism in Jodhpur is increasingly becoming popular all over the world and numerous foreigners visit Rajasthan in order to get married again in the royal Rajput style. We, at indianholiday, endeavor to help you understand and know more about Jodhpur wedding tradition and ceremonies. Let us organize a royal wedding in Jodhpur for you, characterized by pomp, glamour and royal grandeur, yet well within a budget that is affordable by you.

The magnificent palaces in Jodhpur function as exquisite venues for weddings in Jodhpur to take place in absolute enchanting glory. Some of the palaces where you can have an Indian wedding in Jodhpur are Ajit Bhawan Palace, Umaid Bhawan Palace and the Taj Hari Mahal. The wedding will be a grand affair characterized by pomp, glitz and grandeur matching up to the ways of the powerful Rathore Rajputs who once reigned over the land.

A Jodhpur wedding tradition begins with the integral Pithi ceremony, whereby the bride wears a dazzling orange traditional costume and is made to sit in an open courtyard, with four women from her clan holding a silken canopy supported by swords over hear head. Other ladies from the family then apply turmeric and sandalwood paste on the bride and bather her to the accompaniment of ceremonial chants by the priest. Wedding in Jodhpur is also characterized by cultural events comprising folk dances, music, etc being held at the houses of both the bridegroom and bride.

The Janev ceremony also constitutes an integral part of the royal wedding in Jodhpur. The ceremony has the groom being dressed in wonderful saffron robes and the priest performs several auspicious rituals.This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Neemrana Fort – A Perfect Place to Celebrate

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

One of the oldest heritage palaces in India ‘s Neemrana Fort Palace was built atop a majestic plateau in 1464. A place where the regal past blends beautifully with the present, Neemrana Fort doubles up as one of the exotic wedding venues in India. The experience of solemnizing your marriage vows in regal and medieval splendor by organizing your wedding in Neemrana is just the perfect ingredient that will make it unique and set apart from others.

Neemrana is one of the most exotic and desirable wedding locations in Rajasthan, and Wedding Tourism in Neemrana attracts a large number of tourists from worldwide. We at indianholiday promise to provide you with a spectacular wedding in Neemrana  one of the most exotic and desirable locations in Rajasthan. Let us help you in planning and coordinating your fairy tale wedding in Neemrana.

Rajasthan’s closest palace from New Delhi, Neemrana Fort is located about 122 km from Delhi, on the Delhi-Jaipur highway. Standing atop a majestic plateau concealed in a horseshoe formation of the Aravali ranges, the Fort forms the perfect location for an intimate wedding in Neemrana. The fort features vast stepped palaces built over five centuries. These architecturally marvelous palaces rise to ten levels, and cut into the hillside to sprawl languidly over an expanse of 1.2 hectares/3 acres. The palaces offer the most spectacular views around including that of the vista pool to the horizon. There are 42 lavishly appointed rooms in Neemrana, each furnished in an exquisite blend of traditional Indian and colonial furnishings.

Wedding celebrations in Neemrana, Rajasthan are clad with rituals and customs. A wedding marks the union of not only two individuals but also of their souls. Wedding in Neemrana is truly a social and solemn elaborate affair that requires a grand celebration. For royal wedding in Neemrana, the fort-palace offers the luxury of renting the entire fort. This ensures that the wedding troupe can enjoy absolute privacy at the venue, and they can have the entire hotel’s service at their disposal. Guests can also celebrate their personal late night dance/music parties.

A wedding in Neemrana Fort Palace is marked by all the trappings of a royal Rajasthani wedding. The Wedding Ceremony in Neemrana and the related functions can be organized at the various suitable venues depending upon your requirements.Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Shimla – With Perfect Mountain Backdrop

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

The splendid Himalayas cuddle up to this delightful city that’s both conventional and contemporary. It’s more like getting married amidst the hills or taking an extraordinary leap by planning the ceremonies in forest guest houses or camps by the river. Shimla allures those who love the mountains and the snow and fantasize of having a  Destination wedding in the Himalayas. Its sound so Romantic ? Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Agra- The Paradise of Lovers

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

No list of exotic marriage locations in India can be complete without this place. Isn’t it a great idea to celebrate one’s conjugal bliss in the environs of the epitome of love – The Taj Mahal. Agra possesses some gigantic hotels and resorts overlooking the Taj where many people organize their wedding ceremonies in the illumination of one of the most striking wonders of the world.This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Bangalore – Perfect for Royal Wedding

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Destination weddings in Bangalore can be as luxurious or basic as you yearning and there are unlimited choices to fit all financial plans, from an extravagant gathering in a dance floor to an easygoing shoreline party. Destination wedding permits you to trade promises in a staggering heaven. Whether you imagine your function on a white-sand shoreline, on a precipice sitting above the sea, inside a blossoming garden, or encompassed by mountains, the choices for destination wedding areas are as boundless as your creative energy.

Destination weddings permit couples to have private festivals with quite recently a couple of visitors or a bigger wedding with upwards of number of loved ones individuals. A destination wedding permits you to invest quality energy with your visitors in an unwinding setting more than three or four days, gaining experiences for quite a long time to come.

Destination weddings are ordinarily less costly for couples than customary festivals, as visitors normally pay for their own particular travel and facilities. A destination wedding is best when arranged by a specialist who can support with the impressive arranging and examination that it takes.Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

New Delhi – Locations for The Special Day

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

New Delhi is no doubt one of the most favored wedding destinations in India as there are many venues where wedding ceremonies are organized in a luxurious way. You will find some top class hotels like The Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel, The Taj Mahal Hotel, The Imperial Hotel, The Park Hotel, etc. One of the most famous Sainik Farms is also the most luxurious areas where wedding ceremonies are often organized.

If you looking for a traditional yet unconventional wedding, you can choose the very popular ‘The Manor’, a perfect venue in the New Delhi that is known for its elegance and luxury. Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Hyderabad – Best Custom of Wedding Pearls

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Hyderabad is the city of nizams & pearls. It’s a striking place to organize wedding as there are some famous palaces like Taj Falaknuma Palace and Chowmallah Palace, The city of Pearls, etc., which can make your dream wedding destination a real and the romantic one. This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Rishikesh – A Royal and Traditional Wedding

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

This destination gratifies the highly religious community of the nation and puts forth a wedding that takes place in a pleasing and splendid backdrop as two people are setting off for a new journey of life. Getting marriedon the banks of the holy river Ganga in Varanasi or Rishikesh, most likely in a resort, add to the devoutness and sanctity of the ceremony. The resorts in Rishikesh present many alternatives and once can even choose to tie the knot under the open skies facing the mountains.This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Gujarat – Tradition of West Indian Wedding

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Royal wedding is very famous in the land of princes due to its rich atmosphere and ambience. Gujarat is undoubtedly a favored destination for organizing grand royal wedding as there are beautiful palaces that offer pleasant and royal atmosphere. Romantic weddings in Gujarat are also contemplated in these magnificent palaces & forts. From a royal wedding venue to a contemporary one, you will find all kinds of hotels and palaces in Gujarat.

So, if you are looking for a colorful and vibrant wedding destination, then do visit Gujarat and make your special day memorable. Some of the popular wedding venues in Gujarat include Hotel Royal Highness, Revival Lords Inn, Riddhi Siddhi Hall, Lal Bhavan and many more. This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Pushkar – Famous City of Destination Wedding

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Pushkar in Rajasthan is not only famous for the Pushkar Fair, but also due to the lavish weddings that are organized here. If you really like to make your moment special and unforgettable, then plan your wedding destination in Pushkar, which is one of the most beautiful cities for wedding couples. The most pious is tying the knot in front of the God and amidst the famous temples like Brahma Temple, Varah Temple and Savitri Temple. This is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

Jaisalmer – A Royal Wedding Destination

Top Best Wedding Destination in India

Do you want a royal wedding with Indian culture and tradition? You may choose Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer that organizes ultimate wedding for couples to make it romantic and unforgettable one. Huge courtyards bordered by fort walls, candle-lit cobbled paths, glittering mandaps and Rajasthani folk music, you’ll find everything at this place which is nothing lesser than the royalty.

Popular for its Sand Dunes, rural life, Camels & typical folk entertainment “Jaisalmer” offers variety of options to facilitate an auspicious occasion like Wedding. Rajasthan being a world know Tourist Destination itself with other locations like Udaipur, Jaipur & Jodhpur shines as one of the most prominent “holiday cum wedding” option.

Royalty of Palatial architecture & rawness of the region mixes so well to give a perfect taste of Rajasthan that Wedding in Jaisalmer could not only be a regal treat but also a fun filled experience. Dinner in Sand Dunes, BBQ night, Folk entertainers, Snake charmers, Camel ride, Kite flying, Camping, Royal procession and what not !

If you are looking for a perfect venue and Royal wedding in Jaisalmar, you can choose among the various heritage hotels and havelis/palaces like The Fort Rajwada, Gorbandh Palace, Jawahar Niwaas and Narayan Niwas, which are the popular choices where wedding can be performed in a special way. Above all, other venues like Bageecha Lawns, Sarovar Poolside, Taal Amphitheatre, and Sam sand dunes are also the ideal places for wedding functions.

The Mandir Palace and the Himmatgarh Palace on the other side are famous historical palaces for a striking royal retreat oozing out the charm from pasts. Therefore this is one of the Top Best Wedding Destination in India.

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